Makeup Tips – Eye Highlights

With a few tips and tricks, you don’t have to be a professional to have fabulous looking makeup. You don’t have to spend hours doing it, either. Once you have the know-how, you’ll see just how much makeup can accentuate your best features and hide those that aren’t as favorable. Here are a few makeup tips and tricks that you’ll wish you had known a long, long time ago.

Eye Highlights

Eye highlights

The placement of highlights is very important when trying to create naturally beautiful eye makeup. Your lighter colors (whites, creams, and pearls) should be applied in the inner corners, the middle of the eye, and just under your brow bone. Apply your lightest colors first, and then move on to your darker shades.

This 20 second secret is super easy and can be achieved with minimal products. This simple step makes the biggest difference, especially in photography. It even helps make you appear awake when you haven’t gotten much sleep. Try out this trick and prepare to receive tons of attention! Stay glamorous!

The Steps:

  1. Take your matte (not sparkly) eyeshadow and generously apply it to the area in which you just applied your base. Be sure to blend this shadow in with any existing shadow on your eyelid or lower lash line to avoid a harsh look. You can do this by taking a clean eyeshadow brush and lightly blending the two colors together until a natural gradient appears.
  2. Dab your pointer finger into your sparkly, loose eyeshadow pigment. Place this pigment just on the innermost part of the V-shaped region– your pointer finger is the ideal size required for the trick! This will add the perfect amount of “sparkle” while still appearing natural. There’s no need to blend since your look is actually dramatized by having such a tightly concentrated region of sparkle.

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