The Ultimate Eyes

Getting a beautiful eye look is simple when you know a few secrets that makeup artists use to create a gorgeous look. To get started, consider choosing eye shadows that work with your skin tone and eye color. Have fun playing with different colors to find your favorites. And then learn the application tips that best enhance your eye shape. Now, get ready to start mastering the art of makeup!

Finding the Perfect Eye Color

The Keys to Color
Because the tone of your skin impacts a color after application, it is important to consider skin tone as much as eye color when choosing an eye shadow.

Ivory complexions work well with a range of neutrals, cool purples, reddish browns and blue-greens. For a more dramatic look, deep greens and taupes or warm purples can also be used.

Beige skin tones can be complemented with taupes, tawnies, greens, warm browns and deep plums. Charcoal gray, navy or deep purple are perfect for a striking evening look.

Bronze skin tones use deep or dark browns, deep greens such as forest green or charcoal grays. Dramatic looks are best created with dark purple, dark brown or charcoal.

When choosing eye shadows that bring out the color of your eyes, pick shades that either complement or contrast your irises.

Blue eyes radiate with warm browns, bronze, copper and other shades with similar orange undertones.

Green eyes look great in purples, plums and taupes.

Hazel eyes stand out in shades of deep greens and lavenders and shades with soft yellow undertones.

Brown eyes look gorgeous in any color, especially purples, pinks, grays or blues.

Once you have chosen the colors that complement your eyes, the next step to stunning eyes is proper application. Different eye shapes require different methods of application. The following step-by-step guides provide easy application instructions for six common eye shapes.

Eyes that are set about one eye width apart might be classified as “standard,” but we think they are still fabulous.

A more noticeable brow bone typically indicates deep-set eyes.

Open and inviting, wide-set eyes are spaced more than one eye width apart.

Close-set eyes are spaced less than one eye width apart.

The natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen with hooded eyes. Draw out their beauty by creating a well-defined lashline.

Ready to find your ideal eye shadows?

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