Building Beauty on the Right Foundation

When the right shade is applied properly, a great foundation is the perfect start to a flawless finish. But with so many formulas and shades to choose from, selecting the right one to build on can sometimes be confusing.

Here are a few foundation facts that can help you find your perfect match.

Mineral Powder Foundation combines the feel of a powder with the coverage of a foundation. It is a weightless, skin-perfecting powder that provides coverage and blends with the sweep of a brush. For a flawless look, a specially designed mineral foundation brush should be used when applying this type of foundation.

Medium-Coverage Liquid Foundation is generally best for normal to oily skin. It provides even coverage and helps control excess oil.

Full-Coverage Liquid Foundation is generally best for normal to dry skin. It helps hydrate skin while providing coverage.

Creme-To-Powder Foundation is a two-in-one product that glides on like a cream to hide imperfections. It works well with all skin types and dries to a soft, powdery matte finish.

Find the Shade for You
Once you’ve found the perfect formula to fit your needs, the next step in achieving complexion perfection is finding the right shade. In addition to evening out skin tone and helping protect the skin from environmental damage, foundation can make the skin look smooth and flawless.

Here are a few tips for nailing down the perfect hue.

  • Yellow-based foundations work well on almost everyone. Foundations with a little yellow will even out almost every complexion. Yellow minimizes red, which may be inherent in skin’s coloring as a result of tanning, aging or broken capillaries.
  • Test a shade on your jawline or cheek. The correct shade should literally disappear into the skin and blend with the skin tone of the neck rather than the face.
  • When trying a new shade, it is best to test in natural light. Also be sure to allow a few minutes for the foundation to adapt to your skin before making a decision on the color.

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