Night-time Skincare

Night time is when we get our beauty sleep so it’s important we go to our best efforts to make sure our beauty routine is perfect. Before you you go to lala land, there is just a few things you to should do to have your skin looking and feeling it’s best when you wake up. An ideal night-time skincare routine usually goes a little like this…

  • Remove make up
  • Remove Eye Makeup
  • Cleanse (twice)
  • Tone (twice)
  • Treat – serum, essence, spot treatment
  • Hydrate

Cleanse (twice)

If you’ve been wearing makeup it’s important to cleanse twice; first to remove any makeup and secondly to remove any dirt’s, oils and grime that has built up throughout the day.

You can also use a cleansing device : Cleansing devices are extremely popular (such as the Skinvigorate).

Remove Eye Makeup

Soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and hold it on your eyelid for a few seconds to dissolve eye makeup. Finish off by sliding the cotton pad down to remove any makeup from the lashes. Take a cotton tip soaked in eye makeup remover to remove any stubborn product.


Toning isn’t 100% essential, but if you want to use one now is the time to do so, it will remove any excess cleanser and regulate the pH balance of the skin. To use a toner spray (or pour) some onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over your face, neck & decolletage. Those with dry or sensitive skin will want to use a hydrating or soothing mist.


If you have any breakouts now is the time to apply your spot treatment because it is the lightest and most potent formula it should go on your skin before anything else. If you use a serum now is the time to also apply it.


Apply your eye cream, lip balm and moisturiser. Pat your eye cream on and for your moisturiser gently press it into the skin, you will use less product and won’t disturb any ingredients.

For a more beautiful skin, you can also:

Exfoliate twice a week.

This helps clean any dirt, oils and dead skin cells from your pores, helping your skin look more radiant and preventing breakouts.  Opt for a cleanser with a microexfoliant.  The best option is to use a muslin cloth to remove cleanser as they gently exfoliate the skin.

Use a mask.

If your skin is seriously parched or if you just want radiant looking skin a face mask is a great option. Either use a regular mask or an overnight one. To apply an overnight mask apply as you would your moisturizer and then tissue off any excess. To avoid overloading your skin don’t use any masks more than twice a week.


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